Gray-scale Rainbow



Art by NanoMortis


Hey, why are you sad? Tell us, c’mon! What’s even bothering someone like you? You are still so young, how can you even be sad! You are 18 years “young”, devoid of worldly experience, what reason do you even have to feel sad about? Wait, did your girlfriend leave you? No? Do your friends not talk to you? Then what! Why are you always so gloomy?

We have a remedy for you. Just don’t think about it and it will go away! Distract yourself! Maybe sing or dance. Easy, right? You should start meditating perhaps, and with that some morning yoga. Suspend yourself in very uncomfortable positions to lower your depression, how easy is that! You should also start exercising, it will make you feel so much better than how you currently feel!

We don’t understand how you can feel so down at such an age. Why are you giving up already? Do you not know that there is so much more to go through? And you are already losing hope. You need to brace yourself! How will you handle problems later on if you can’t handle them right now? This will all just make you stronger.

Also just look around yourself. So many kids out there can barely afford a one time meal, so many are homeless, many do not even know who their parents are! Look at yourself! How can you be so disrespectful to society and us! We gave you so much and this is how you behave?

Look at your friends! Even under so much pressure they are so well off! Studying renowned subjects and fortifying their foundations to spend their lives on! Don’t you want to be like them? Well off, doing something people would respect you for? Learn something from them.

Now why are you crying? What’s the matter? Are you a girl? You shouldn’t cry. You are supposed to be strong. Stop crying at every little thing that happens. Man up and wear some courage on yourself! You need to be STRONG! Stop acting so weak. You aren’t 5 years old that if you start crying about you will get whatever you ask for!

Do you only want attention? Can you for once stop being an attention whore with all your blabbering? This is not what we expected of you.

Will you start studying for once? Why do you study so late at night? Why do you never sleep? Why are you always sleeping? Why won’t you do anything? You’ve slept twice already today! Can you bring some more enthusiasm in your voice? You are so dull! Why won’t you talk at all? Have you forgotten how to smile? Are you deaf? Do you not hear us talk? Or are you dumb that you cannot speak? We only want your good! You can become anything you want between a doctor and an engineer! Try yoga, it really helps! Why do you leave for the park every night at 10? What do you do there alone? Spend time with us instead! Did you hear about Abc’s son? He got selected in one of the best engineering colleges, how proud his parents must be! Why do you not feel like doing anything? You are becoming so rude! Are you always this gloomy? Oh so THAT is how you sound, I never realized because you never speak anything! Wait so, one little thing made you SO DEPRESSED? Do you have any idea how our parents used to treat us? They would beat us black and blue! See how we all turned out to be! This generation is so soft heart-ed! Mental illness? No, its all in your head, just try some yoga!

You have changed so much. You are always so selfish and self centered. Try speaking out for once? You do not care about our feelings at all! Is this why we raised you? You are a total disappointment! Oh so now you’ve started smoking! Why are you scoring so low! Why won’t you answer! Don’t argue with us! We spent so much money on you for THIS? We thought you would be a responsible son and make us proud! You are nothing but a tick sucking off our resources! We wish you had never been born!

Did you buy that rope for skipping? Glad you acted on our advice to exercise!


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