Moon Icarus


Art by  Tolagunestro



The rains won’t hurt me anymore,

for I have ascended,

above the skies.

I soar with the stars,

and command them to sing and hum,

hymns of astral descent,

along an orchestra of nebula and drum.

Winds freeze under my breath,

hail falls heavy on the ground,

for I have tamed the fiercest fires that burn,

and ashen life all around.

My wings grow towards the moon,

throbbing with thirst to glide through Cosmos;

under burning suns I let my feathers bloom.

I shall crash and burst stars on those who live,

and through dirt and dust raise the ones who don’t,

and upon thrones of stardust I shall sit.


I can command the stars to screech

the hearing out of your ears,

and make your brittle bones speak,

a language so foolish and queer.


My feathers are not bound with wax or gum,

but with hours of sins sieved out of my innocence.








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