Blue Whale


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UPDATE : I am sorry if this article hurts the sentiments of others. I wrote this in a fit of rage over how the media and my parents reacted to this mishap. I would take this down but it would be considered as hypocrisy. I don’t have anything against anyone depressed, I have been down myself many times and I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who suicides. In case the reader has any kind of problems I request them to PLEASE seek help. You always have your friends and family. I too would love to listen to you, no matter how trivial your reasons are. With this post all I want to say is, that no matter what the problem is, never give up. Stay strong. Struggling is a part of life. Don’t be dumb enough to take your life, because it is never impossible to set things right. There is always a way out. Think about your parents and your close ones before doing something so grave.



“Whats this whale game?”, asked my father, “Whale game?”, replied I, “Oh wait the Blue Whale game?”, I added on quickly, followed by my father firing questions on my face about the details and telling me rather gravely how kids are suicide-ing over this “Horror” “Computer” game. Seeing how serious my parents actually were discussing this with me over dinner, it didn’t take me long to realize that they were perhaps trying to keep me away from playing this game if I am to ever come across it.

Here is my take on this Bullshittery that has been brewing since the kid in Mumbai jumped to his death. First of all, it isn’t a “video” game by any angle, its a task-driven game where a head, or an “Admin” gives someone tasks over a period of a month, with the final task being suicide. This “game” according to me was just an Urban legend when I heard about it some 2 years ago. All I know is that it originated in Russia and the admin is only in contact with the victim over the internet. The admin might be sitting somewhere in a whole different country, miles away from the victim for all we know.

As someone who has been molded by the creepypasta culture, someone who has been through all this applesauce about videos/audio files/games that cause *sigh* suicide, all this blue whale fiasco is nothing but rubbish.

Why do kids suicide then? Its all in the head. I haven’t heard about the exact tasks/procedures that follow but to me its all a sick psychological experiment which grips your mind, forcing you to defecate from your mouth. Placebo, as we all know works on belief. The “admin” apparently instigates the victim to suicide by telling him how if he doesn’t do so,  the admin would murder his family, or something similar to this according to one cringe-worthy Quora comment I read to understand why kids actually suicide. It sounds very much like a forwarded message you would find in your family group on Whatsapp.

I feel sorry for people who suicide, but this is utter crap. Apparently taking orders from some psychotically deranged piece of schnitzel seems more interesting than your own life. It might be some loser sitting behind the admin’s screen commanding your pathetic likeness, who thinking it would be cool enough to join the bandwagon of what is “trending” around the world because it seems dark, mysterious and forbidden would make you stand at the top of the world, make you feel intelligent and wise to have dug so deep into the foundation of stupidity and manipulation, then I would tell you to wake up. You just came across something termed as a “prank gone wrong”.

Its all in your willpower. They will make you believe in them. If such a thing really exists then I would totally want to partake in the game. What proof is there that the kid even played the game? The internet believes that Blue Whale is a mere fabrication. Kids just killing themselves, hiding real reasons behind a whale.

My heart goes out to every person who thinks that such a thing would kill them or their family, please go for a check-up. ASAP. If you are dumb enough to suicide over a game on the internet, then I must say that Natural Selection is truly happening.

By any chance, do you still believe in Bloody Mary? If you do then please kill yourself before this game even gets to you.


2 thoughts on “Blue Whale

  1. so im assuming since you posted a link to the wiki, you read budeikin’s take on the challenge, yours sound the same “Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student who was expelled from his university, claimed that he invented the game. Budeikin stated that his purpose was to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no value” . thoughts?

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    • I did read his justification. My post possesses the same tone as his statement but I am against any kind of murder or assisted suicide. The kids were weak emotionally and the guy took advantage of that to exploit them. I agree that the kids should’ve thought twice before giving in to the challenge, should’ve informed someone older, asked for help.

      It wasn’t Budeikin’s job to “weed out” the weak, and if the kid could tell his friends about the challenge or how he was going to die, he could’ve told his parents about it too.


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