Art by Kovacs Anna Brigitta   Tinnitus screams a hymn, hear me sing.   Heart shrieks in rhythm, as you parade through my skin.   Hands fall cold nevertheless, for voices but infest.   March through then, through hollow cold bones again.   Cowering behind little rocks, I stray from the flock.   Solitude sits within, … Continue reading Haunted


Hyenas and Foxes

  Art by Alexandra Loesser   Come find me sighing behind burly bushes, soaking earth with blood, foaming at the mouth as my heart rushes, clawing deeper into rainy mud.   Howling at a distance, I hear a call, of hyenas starving, fuming with rage, and there's another, I hear them all, foxes snarling, ready to … Continue reading Hyenas and Foxes