The boy who sought


The boy who sought,

treasures and troves both,

letting go of worldly bonds,

he set sail on uncharted roads.


Strolling to distances far,

from sun to galaxies beyond,

a vagabond of the stars,

a survivor perfectly honed.


The only land belonging to him,

lay stuck under his shoes.

Mountains deflowered on a whim,

not even the oceans were excused.


But through dust and dirt he found none,

that pleased his soul from within,

no, no more did he travel for fun,

but for the only selfish desire to win.


He sought the sun in darkness,

and the moon in storms.

Stars he wished to harness,

side by side with the eagles, airborne.


Where his path ends,

the kid knows not.

With numerous climbs and ascents,

the past lies forgot.







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