A thousand stars clash against a thousand fireflies



(Art by norbface.deviantart)


My heart burns into a fever of cures unknown,

screaming to be set free, to break out of its cage of bones.

Your poison rusts my brilliance that could blind the strongest suns,

my head aches to crash into a wall, to suckle the barrels of the leaden guns.

Your fingers slice into my throat,

sink deeper towards my heart by turns.


Don’t taint me with your gales that do nothing but scream and cry,

don’t dip your toes in my dreams yet, don’t think that you can make it right.

In my pond, a thousand stars clash against a thousand fireflies,

and my heart stands nowhere in this war that never dies.


Do you finally hear my mind break,

into slivers gazillion, splinters innumerable,

and shards that soak into the ground,

where no plant births, and life is nowhere to be found?


Or do you finally realize,

that life stands against me and not with,

it lives to push me down further, and never let me rise,

it hasn’t been kind enough, and doesn’t love me a bit?


I will ride my voice into the battlefield,

never will I let it down, I shall scream until my enemies kneel,

for they belong under my feet, or on my table as a modest meal,

and they will only tickle my palate as their sultry skins I peel.


My mind is lined with twisted lanes and windy streets.

Discord and chaos parade through them at 6 in the evening,

rusty congested hearses drive through at night,

and a lavish disco starts chasing through midnight.



Mania leaks down to my tongue from my brain,

overflowing my cracked eyes with its essence,

soaking me up again in these deplorable rains,

murdering my morals, burning my innocence,

reducing my pains.


So I will let it devour my conscience,

let it take over my mind and then,

at peace I will be, along with my blood and bones.

Finally I will feel alright, finally I will feel at home.


















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