Why do stars burst?

Keport water front park park bench at night



Tell me Anastasia, why does it hurt when it shouldn’t?

Why do I walk around in shoes layered with spikes?

Why do I stay awake until the sun starts to shine?

Why of all the things, its just you who resides in my mind?

Stars no more sing lullabies for me,

winds no more rustle the dead leaves noosed from their trees.

Life has been sucked out from the in-animate,

like two dimensional pictures in a multidimensional dream.

Not a cry for affection, nor a bratty whine this is, Anastasia,

but what are the stars and the moon for, when the night sky itself leaves?

coal drenched hair, and eyes like ebony,

smiles that put the sun to shame,

and a voice that fiddles symphonies.

Every breath of yours is a blessing for the heart of mine,

a knave truly I have been, but a soldier for life.

Why do stars burst?

why do they shine so bright, then crash and burn to dust?

Can we sit under these stars for the first and the last time?

your head on my shoulder, your fingers entwined with mine?

I wish to feel the glory and love vanish once again,

I wish to see the light leave again from my life,

once again I want solitude to visit me tonight.












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